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Your Certification Coach must hold both a CPCC -AND- either a PCC or MCC

The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) requires that your Certification Coach must have earned the Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) designation through CTI and either the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Your Certification Coach must have both of these designations at least 1 month prior to your start date (according to the current version of the Certification Program Information Packet.)

Free eBook about How to Find Coaching Clients

Want clients? Of course you do! I remember what it was like finding my first clients. That’s why I’ve put together this FREE ebook of 24 Ways To Find Clients. It has a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license (CC BY ND NC), so feel free to share this with your friends who are in Certification, too!

How the F#*k Does Certification Work?

There is a little-known Certification Program Information Packet that's available on CTI's website. Click the button below and then search for "Read the Information Packet." It's near the bottom of the page content. Find the link after #3 in the Pre-requisites section. This packet has all the details about how to apply, program requirements, which hours count, and much, much more!

Self-paced online course coming soon!

I've been coaching people in CTI's Certification program for a while now, and I'm finding that many of them have the same questions. Questions to about preparing, attracting clients, stating rates, safety and protection, getting paid, automation, working with clients, and so much more. I decided to put my answers in one place, not only for my clients but YOU, too!

I'm not currently accepting new Certification clients

To help the most coaches going through CTI’s Certification Program, I’m currently focusing on creating a self-paced online course called The Business of Coaching: The Unofficial Companion Guide to Certification. As a result, I’ve made a tough decision not to accept any new Certification clients at this time, so that I can focus on completing this guide to serve as many people who are in Certification as possible.

Portrait of Coach Anne Gaal, CPCC, PCC at | © Anne Gaal, Ph.D.; All rights reserved.

Coach Anne Gaal, Ph.D., CPCC, PCC

I'd like to recommend you consider Coach Dana instead:

Photo of Coach Dana Rowe who's recommended by Coach Anne |

Coach Dana P. Rowe, CPCC, PCC

Dana is confident that you are on the earth for a purpose; something great, something only you can do. He genuinely believes that people are waiting for you to step forward and fulfill that role. Dana knows you want to get your best work into the world and he’s here to help you do just that. Coach Dana brings lots of heart, energy, and enthusiasm to his coaching. He has both the CPCC and PCC credentials required and would love to have an initial session with you about Certification coaching! Just click the button below, and look for the “Contact” button to get started!

How to Pay for Certification AND Your Certification Coaching

During Certification, you’re going to be accumulating 100 or more coaching hours with your paying clients. Part of Certification is learning to pay for your ongoing education as a coach by paying for Certification and Certification Coaching out of your earnings. According to the 2012 Global Coaching Study conducted by the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaches with less than 1 year experience coaching charge – on average – $128 per coaching hour.
Average rate per coaching hour according to the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study | | © Anne Gaal, Ph.D.; All rights reserved.

During Certification you’ll be accumulating 100 coaching hours. If you charge your clients that average $128 per coaching hour, that would add up to 100 x $128 = $12,800. Subtract the $5,990 that CTI currently charges for their Certification program (subject to CTI changes), and that leaves $6,810 toward your Certification coaching and other expenses.

Your Certification Coach will have earned not only the Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) designation with CTI, but also a second professional coaching designation with the ICF: Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC). This is because CTI’s Certification Program is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), for which the International Coach Federation (ICF) requires that all mentors (coaches) have the PCC or MCC credential. This means that your Certification Coach has likely renewed their ICF credential at least once, which includes the completion of 40 additional coach training hours.

For example, I’m also a Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner, a certified group coach, an enhanced skills Conversational Intelligence® coach – and I continue to invest in being coached as one of the best ways to continue learning about coaching. Part of what I offer my Certification clients is the example that YOUR investment in YOUR coach training means something. That it’s valuable. Because I hope you also charge professional coaching rates and grow your own professional, profitable coaching business.

Let’s say that your Certification Coach offers a premium $4,500 Certification Package. Add this to the $5,990 that CTI charges, and the total is $10,490. Divide that by your 100 coaching hours. If you charge an average of $105 per coaching hour during Certification, you will literally pay for Certification and top of the line Certification Coaching.

Or, perhaps you’ll choose a more affordable package, say $3,000, which is what I paid for my own Certification coaching. Add that to the $5,990 for CTI’s Certification program, and the total is $8,990. If you charge an average of $90 per coaching hour during Certification, you can pay for Certification and your Certification Coaching. Charge more, and you’ll make a PROFIT. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? For you to start a profitable coaching business?

I want to be your champion in every way, and that includes encouraging you to charge a professional rate for YOUR coaching. I want to champion you to start out with great habits that lead to a profitable business. I don’t want you to give your coaching away – I want you to charge what you’re worth. You already have better coach training than most coaches! I want you to value your coaching and create a business that thrives!