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Note: CTI stands for the Coaches Training Institute


CTI now requires that your Certification Coach be both a CPCC -AND- be a PCC or MCC (as of Fall 2017), and that your Certification Coach have both of these designations at least 1 month prior to your start date. (According to the new Sept. 2017 version of the Certification Program Information Packet.)

Great news! I have both the CPCC and PCC designations, and I’d love to be YOUR Certification Coach!

Hi! My name is Anne Gaal (it rhymes with “smile”). I love coaching CTI Certification students and I’d love to be YOUR Certification Coach!

We’ll coach twice a month for 45-minutes to 1-hour each session. This is often enough for us to develop a good rapport, but not so often that it makes your already-tight Certification schedule even crazier.

My Certification clients are usually rock stars who have already lined up 8 to 12 clients who will stick with them for their Certification journey (see my ebook on 24 Ways to Find Clients below).

During Certification coaching, we’ll coach around all sorts of topics. Examples include things that come up when you’re coaching your clients, things that your clients inspire you to work on in your own life, the business of being a coach, balancing all the things you’re juggling during Certification, deepening your Life Purpose Statement into a Life Dedication, developing your inner self-mastery, and learning to deal with your Inner Critic (and your clients’ Inner Critics!) with ease.

You also have the option of adding the best leadership 360-assessment in the industry to our coaching. This will help you learn about some of your Inner Critic’s favorite voices, what your Inner Critic is trying to help you with, and ways to work with your Inner Critic to write a new ending to your story that serves you even better. It’s called The Leadership Circle Profile (TM) or LCP for short and you can find more details about it at the bottom of this page.

By the way, I’ve tried to keep things reasonable by charging the same rate as what I paid my own Certification Coach.

$2,700 for Certification coaching ($450/month paid monthly in advance)
or $2,100 if you pay in full up front (save $600 and no monthly billing)
plus $1,000 if you’d like the LCP-360 add-on ($3,000 if you want just the LCP)

Think that’s a lot for Certification coaching?

It’s not! During Certification, you’re going to be accumulating 100 or more coaching hours with your paying clients. Part of Certification is learning to pay for your ongoing education as a coach by paying for Certification and Certification Coaching out of your earnings.

According to the 2012 Global Coaching Study conducted by the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaches with less than 1 year experience coaching charge – on average – $128 per coaching hour.

During Certification you’ll be accumulating 100 coaching hours. If you charge your clients that average $128 per coaching hour, that would add up to 100 x $128 = $12,800. Subtract the $5,990 that CTI currently charges for their Certification program (subject to CTI changes), and that leaves $6,810 toward your Certification coaching and other expenses.

To prepare to be your Certification coach, I’ve earned not only my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation with CTI, but I also have and maintain a second professional coaching designation with the ICF: Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I’m also a Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner, a certified group coach, an enhanced skills Conversational Intelligence® coach – and I continue to invest in being coached as one of the best ways to continue learning about coaching. Part of what I offer my Certification students is the example that YOUR investment in YOUR coach training means something. That it’s valuable. Because I hope you also charge professional coaching rates and grow your own professional, profitable coaching business.

I do offer options between $2,100 and $4,300, so you can choose what works best for you. If you choose my premium Certification package, add-on the Leadership Circle Profile, and pay monthly, that would be $4,300. Add this to the $5,990 that CTI charges, and the total is $10,290. Divide that by your 100 coaching hours. If you charge an average of $103 per coaching hour during Certification, you will literally pay for Certification and top of the line Certification coaching with me.

If you choose my more affordable full-featured package, and pay up front to get the discount, that would be just $2,100 – less than I paid for my own Certification coaching. Add that to the $5,990 for CTI’s Certification program, and the total is $8,090. If you charge an average of just $81 per coaching hour during Certification, you can pay for Certification and Certification coaching with me. Charge more, and you’ll make a PROFIT. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? For you to start a profitable coaching business?

I want to be your champion in every way, and that includes charging a professional price for my coaching, based on my coach training and professional designations. I want to be a role model for you of what it looks like to charge professional rates. I want to champion you starting out with great habits that lead to a profitable business. I don’t want you to give your coaching away – I want you to charge what you’re worth. You already have better coach training than most coaches! I want you to value your coaching and create a business that thrives!

Read what others say about Certification coaching with me:

Anne co-created a wonderful learning environment

It was a real delight to work with Anne throughout the process of attaining my Professional Coaching Certification. As my direct Certification Coach, Anne co-created with me a wonderful learning environment where the coaching process could be thoroughly explored, and she did a simply fantastic job of “Modeling the Model.” Her support, encouragement (and) the awesome example she set as a Coach herself really were invaluable to me. Anne is quite simply a “Rock-Star” coach that I would recommend highly to any future Certification students or to anyone who could be supported by her wise, creative, fun and passionate Coaching style.. A++ Anne!

Steve Layt, CPCC

CEO of Glide Path Leadership and Globally Experienced President / CEO

She’s the person you want beside you during Certification

I began working with Anne when we were in coach training with CTI three years ago so it was natural to continue working with her throughout my Certification. Anne has a great understanding of how Certification works and will guide you in managing the stress and requirements of the process. Anne “talked me off the ledge” more than once during this period. I love, love, love coaching but the Certification process was choking me. I was also in Leadership at the same time as my training and Certification (I do not recommend that path) so the demands of both were overwhelming at times. Anne helped me find new perspectives and ways of managing the demands of both. She was by my side to celebrate my victories~~no matter how small~~ and get me through the failures. I learned so much in working with her and having her support during this time. Her ability to help me manage the Co-Active Model and see it’s importance was key in my actually becoming certified. She helped me see the Model wasn’t in my way, I was in my own way. She is, without a doubt, the person you want beside you during the Certification process. Her knowledge and ability to navigate the bumpy waters of Certification will get you to your end goal with much more ease. I am profoundly grateful for her wisdom and her unwavering belief in me.

Alice Parvin, CPCC

CEO of Ripple Effect Life Coaching

Anne is generous with encouragement and celebrations

It is my great joy to recommend Coach Anne Gaal. The coaching I have received from her has been nothing short of life changing. She supported me throughout my professional coach certification journey and still coaches me to this day. Our time together has produced a profound and positive shift for me. Not only as a coach but also in my every day life. Anne is generous with encouragement and celebrations but also has a laser like way of helping me see where I might be holding myself back. It’s fair to say that, because of her coaching and mentoring, I have had a full and overflowing roster of coaching clients from day one. And she achieves all of this in a warm, strong, matter-of-fact way that always makes me feel safe, heard, valued, and transformed. Okay. Anne is magical. There. I said it.

Dana P. Rowe, CPCC

Composer, Arts Mentor, and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

24 Ways to Find Clients ebook at

Want Clients?

Of course you do! I remember what it was like finding my first clients. That’s why I’ve put together this FREE ebook of 24 Ways To Find Clients. Feel free to share this with your friends who are in Certification, too!

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I’ve tried to keep the pricing reasonable. I spent $2,833 on my own Certification Coaching.

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About The Leadership Circle Profile (TM) 360-degree assessment

for which I’m a Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner

The Leadership Circle Profile is the best 360-degree assessment tool available. Together we’ll invite others to give you their insights about who you’re being and what you’re doing in your everyday world. One of the best parts is getting to read the specific comments they give you, in their own words.

The results will show you how you assess yourself across 18 core leadership competencies and 11 reactive tendencies. They will also show you how others experience you, and how you compare to the “norm base” of more than 100,000+ top leaders.

For more information, download one or both .PDF brochures:

If purchased separately, outside of Certification Coaching, the Leadership Circle Profile and the associated coaching is $3,000. But, for my Certification clients, I’ll include it for just $1,000 – which is a huge savings for you!