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What can coaching do for you?

According to the most recent, 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, commissioned by the International Coach Federation (ICF: the global professional organization for coaches) and conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),


on average, coaching clients:


are somewhat or very satisfied with the overall coaching experience


would repeat the coaching process given the same circumstances


of companies report at least a 100% Return on Investment (ROI) from coaching


report improved self-confidence


report improved relationships


report improved communication skills


report improved work performance


report improved work/life balance

What are my clients saying?

When I first heard about coaching, I didn’t think it would be of value. Now I find it AMAZING! I enjoy it very much and the sessions bring me clarity, focus, and energy. Coaching rocks! Anne is very professional, asks thought-provoking questions, and has great listening skills – you will benefit!

Mary Hunt

independent gallery owner who coaches artists and buyers of art

Anne is a natural coach and one who brings a wealth of experience, personal depth, and agility to her clients. While I got to know her at the beginning of her formal journey with CTI, she did not show up as a beginner at all, but rather as a leader who intuitively understands what it is to be a true coach and who is in 100% without hesitation.

Jeremy Stover, CPCC, PCC

Head of Executive Coaching at LinkedIn

Anne has a deep and very “spot on” intuition. She trusts it and feels strongly that part of our personal growth is trusting our own intuition. I learned from Anne to trust my gut, an invaluable lesson. Anne helped me navigate some rough times in my life as she stood by me every step of the way as I excavated my own answers to the questions raised. Anne is compassionate and listens to the emotions and intentions behind every word. She is clever and funny which helped keep some dark times a bit lighter. She will guide you on your journey and help you see things you had no idea were there and then help you use the gifts and lessons presented in living your life full out. She know when to press and when to back off. She is respectful and loving. In a word, she is a MASTER coach in my mind as well as a terrific human being. I am profoundly grateful for her wisdom and belief in me.

Alice Parvin

firecracker life coach

Working with Anne was like a breath of fresh air. After the first session, I already felt a sense of relief. She is an expert at helping people become more authentically strong in the world. Her deep listening and powerful questions about my living situation, relationship life, and work were amazing. She pulled me up when I needed it and helped me to refocus on my life purpose for myself and my business. No matter how busy or stressful life gets, I come away from each session knowing that I’m still moving forward. Anne helps me keep my vision alive and that gives me peace of mind. I’m very grateful for Coach Anne!

Lisa Bertuzzi

massage therapist, child care provider, registered nurse, and chronic pain coach

Anne is a great listener and gives me plenty of time to process information as we’re talking. She asks the right questions and makes me think on a deeper level. She is gentle and compassionate but still manages to push me outside my comfort zones at times, which I know is the only way to grow.

Lisa Cousineau

artsy independent business owner and creative spirit

I have no more socks! You have successfully knocked all my socks off! I must’ve been really good in my previous life to be rewarded by your participation in this life! I cannot express the impact you are having on me and spurring my creativity. Working on my coaching business is important for me and, of course, so timely!

Kate Link

creative independent external coach

I have know Anne both professionally and personally for more than 10 years. She is one of the most honest, reliable, hardworking, and creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is able to meet deadlines, come up with clever solutions to difficult problems, a great communicator, continuously works to improve her skills and knowledge of her art, keeps current with technology and techniques, is wonderful with people and their needs. I have no problem recommending Anne for any endeavor.

Chris Wetli

high-achieving creative spirit

Anne is an extremely professional, thoughtful, and intuitive coach. Her ability to read between the lines, get to the heart of the matter, and then guide her clients to new and more constructive perspectives is what sets her apart from other coaches. Paired with a keen intellect and a razor sharp wit, plus boat loads of kindness and heart, Anne is truly one in a million. I highly recommend Anne as a coach. Your view of the world will never be the same.

Nell Desmond

free-spirited independent coach

Anne is a wonderful listener who is very easy to talk to and very open. I never expected to talk to her about what I did, as it is a sensitive topic for me. Coaching enabled me to identify issues to be addressed, come up with a plan to address those issues, and lose that feeling of being overwhelmed with a problem or problems. As a result of coaching, I learned that I am content in my current situation. Anne is a caring and non-judmental person and a real giver. I’d feel very comfortable recommending her – you’d be lucky to have her as a coach!

L. in Pennsylvania

creative spirit

My Fascination Advantage Assessment helped me understand that I can easily see how to do things so quickly and clearly, that it isn’t intuitive to me that others can’t see the big picture in the same way. I’m learning to slow down and explain the steps to others who don’t and it’s really making a difference for me.

Lori Wostl

artsy independent creative spirit

About Coach Anne


Hi! My name is Anne Gaal (rhymes with smile). I coach and communicate creatively and with compassion. I’m curious, I ask lots of questions, and I love experimenting, exploring, and playing “What if … ?”

I’d like to co-create a relationship with you, encourage you to fall in love with your life, and inspire you to be the very best, most authentic you that you can be – making empowering choices and living in harmony with your own values and beliefs.

I love nature, animals, and being outdoors. I love creating, originating, and making things – especially making artsy mixed-media messes. If you’re not making a mess, you’re not doing it right! I also love exploring, making discoveries, and sharing what I learn on my journey with others.

I prefer to be the creative alchemist behind-the-scenes and to keep the focus on YOU.

What would you like to co-create with me?


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Ph.D. in Metaphysics

I have a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, which is the study of everything beyond current scientific explanation. Fields like neuroscience and quantum physics were once part of Metaphysics and have now crossed over to mainstream science. I am also an ordained interfaith minister.
Coach Anne Gaal, Ph.D., CPCC is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach | http://localhost/2015-ag

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

I completed an intensive study program related to coaching, including 5 core classes and a 6-month Certification with supervision, through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).
Coach Anne Gaal, Ph.D., CPCC has earned the Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation | https://annegaal.com

Professional Certified Coach

I am also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and I have earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from them.

Charities I Support

Charities Supported by Coach Anne Gaal, Ph.D., CPCC | https://annegaal.com

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