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Leadership Development Coach & Consultant

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Creating a Leadership Culture

We live in an ever-changing, fast-paced world, that is filled with disruption. What might it be like to intentionally cultivate the C-suite in your organization to better deal with change, better resolve conflicts, and be more resilient? What if you could do this in a way that creates a proactive leadership culture? We’ll use a scientifically-validated system for assessing the leadership effectiveness of your C-suite team, both individually and as a group. Then we’ll embark on a proven yet individually custom-tailored coaching process to grow and refine your skills and strengths to measurably improve your effectiveness and your ability to deal with increasingly complex problems and situations.

Resonant Resiliency

What if you could experience less stress, find more meaning in your life, and feel more resilient in an ever-changing world? What would that be worth to you? Join me and a select, small group of 4-10 others who are committed to falling back in love with their lives. We'll start with a statistically-valid 360-degree feedback tool as a starting point. Then we'll use proven tools and techniques to better understand ourselves, make better choices, and feel more confident and in control of our lives. In this year-long, immersive, interactive program, we’ll also use your everyday challenges as a jumping off place for learning how to better deal with our emotions, even the so-called difficult ones. Isn't it time to love your life?

One-on-One Coaching

You have big goals and even bigger dreams and want a program that is custom-tailored specifically to you. You'd rather have complete privacy to work on what's most important to YOU, rather than sharing in a group setting. Some things are just to private and personal to share with a group. You want all my open, compassionate, playful, benevolent magic devoted just to you and your agenda during our sessions. We'll use a 360-assessment to look at your current strengths and weaknesses as a starting point. We'll coach on what matters most to you. We'll explore your values and aspirations, ways you might be getting in your own way, and expansive new perspectives. ​How are you growing? Who are you becoming?

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