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Are you a CEO or C-Suite Executive who wants to intentionally create a culture of leadership within your organization?

I’d love to be your trusted partner on this journey. My leadership system includes the #1 leadership 360-degree assessment in the industry, called The Leadership Circle Profile. We’ll start with a Leadership Culture Survey to measure the current state of leadership within your organization and to identify the key areas to focus on for maximum growth. I’ll also partner with you to help your organization build a network of peer coaches focused on leadership. Our first step will be to design the kind of relationship we want to build together and how we want to align our efforts.

Do you want to grow your personal leadership and inner self-mastery?

Leadership comes in many forms. Some leaders lead from in front, showing us the path forward. Other leaders lead from beside us or behind us. But all leaders start by leading from within. Developing Your Inner Leader is a program designed to help you develop and strengthen your inner leader. We’ll also work together to develop increased mastery around our emotions, the voices of our Inner Critic and our Inner Wise Woman or Wise Man, and around being mindful of our impact.

Are you a coach who wants to deepen your coaching skills?

I’m an experienced ICF Mentor Coach and an experienced CTI Certification Coach. (See my Certification page.) I love the profession of coaching and I love to help coaches at all levels to more fully immerse themselves in their work and to improve their coaching skills. We’ll coach around the 11 ICF Core Competencies and what comes up in your coaching sessions with your clients.

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Coaching brings me clarity, focus, and energy

When I first heard about coaching, I didn’t think it would be of value. Now I find it AMAZING! I enjoy it very much and the sessions bring me clarity, focus, and energy. Coaching rocks! Anne is very professional, asks thought-provoking questions, and has great listening skills – you will benefit!

Mary Hunt independent retail art gallery owner

Anne shows up as a leader who is in 100%

Anne is a natural coach and one who brings a wealth of experience, personal depth, and agility to her clients. While I got to know her at the beginning of her formal journey with CTI, she did not show up as a beginner at all, but rather as a leader who intuitively understands what it is to be a true coach and who is in 100% without hesitation.

Jeremy Stover Head of Executive Coaching at LinkedIn

Because of Anne's mentoring, I have an overflowing roster of clients

It is my great joy to recommend Coach Anne Gaal. The coaching I have received from her has been nothing short of life changing. She supported me throughout my CPCC certification journey and still coaches me to this day. Our time together has produced a profound and positive shift for me. Not only as a coach but also in my every day life. Anne is generous with encouragement and celebrations but also has a laser like way of helping me see where I might be holding myself back. It’s fair to say that, because of her coaching and mentoring, I have had a full and overflowing roster of coaching clients from day one. And she achieves all of this in a warm, strong, matter-of-fact way that always makes me feel safe, heard, valued, and transformed. Okay. Anne is magical. There. I said it.

Dana Rowe musical composer, arts mentor, and professional coach

Group clients benefit from Anne's commitment to growth and positive change

Anne Gaal is a powerhouse; a multi-faceted coach whose heart-full presence fills her space. Anne's group coaching clients benefit greatly from her significant coaching skills and especially from her glowing energy, resonant voice and commitment to growth and positive change. I have been changed in very positive ways while working with Anne. Seek her out - she is well worth the time.

Kate Murphy change management strategist, consultant, and business owner

Co-created a wonderful learning environment with me

It was a real delight to work with Anne throughout the process of attaining my Professional Coaching Certification. As my direct Certification Coach, Anne co-created with me a wonderful learning environment where the coaching process could be thoroughly explored, and she did a simply fantastic job of “Modeling the Model.” Her support, encouragement (and) the awesome example she set as a Coach herself really were invaluable to me. Anne is quite simply a “Rock-Star” coach that I would recommend highly to any future Certification students or to anyone who could be supported by her wise, creative, fun and passionate Coaching style.. A++ Anne!

Steve Layt globally experienced CEO and business owner

I felt Anne's respect and compassion while she challenged me

Anne and I were in a group coaching certification program together, and her support, guidance, and bright spirit brought such richness to the experience. When she coached us, Anne was such an advocate for positive exploration and growth. I felt instantly connected to her, and I always felt her respect and compassion while she challenged me to have a new way of thinking. She has touched my life and I am forever grateful.

Julie Lancaster leadership development and management consultant

Anne is gentle and compassionate but still pushes me to grow

Anne is a great listener and gives me plenty of time to process information as we’re talking. She asks the right questions and makes me think on a deeper level. She is gentle and compassionate but still manages to push me outside my comfort zones at times, which I know is the only way to grow.

Lisa Cousineau online retail art supplies business owner and creative spirit

Professional with boat loads of kindness and heart

Anne is an extremely professional, thoughtful, and intuitive coach. Her ability to read between the lines, get to the heart of the matter, and then guide her clients to new and more constructive perspectives is what sets her apart from other coaches. Paired with a keen intellect and a razor sharp wit, plus boat loads of kindness and heart, Anne is truly one in a million. I highly recommend Anne as a coach. Your view of the world will never be the same.

Nell Desmond free-spirited independent coach and business owner

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